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Marketing Gunslingers

Rescuing you via Marketing & Community Outreach!

Welcome to EQ Consultants Group, LLC

EQ Consultants Group, LLC welcomes you to our company website.  We are Marketing Gunslingers focusing on the customer perspective. We enjoy providing strategic marketing, branding, advertising, SEO, SEM, Social Media marketing and communications to business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Our firm utilizes a success-driven approach to help our clients build their business and reach their marketing goals and objectives!

Currently, we consult on a variety of topics ranging from business, technology, marketing, and social media.  We are also very active community advocates and enjoy assisting others in community outreach.  As web technologists and business strategists, we assist others with implementing their social media to address their specific business and marketing needs.  Ultimately, we are artists at identifying urgent marketing and product management problems and helping you to define the right solutions to best solve these problems!

We enjoy working with our clients as marketing gunslingers, detectives (market research), collaborators (augmenting marketing teams with their block and tackle needs), content marketing, branding, positioning, consulting, community outreach, and coaching small businesses.  

We enjoy collaborating with marketing teams as part of our consulting practice. As part of our collaborative engagements, we helped our clients with: market research, identifying and gathering stakeholders with their inputs, developing messaging and social channel strategies, and understanding the impact of emerging business trends and their implications for your customers. Our marketing gunslingers intuitively recognizes and understands customer needs. We advise and council key leadership on the latest principles, practices, and/or technologies and their practical application while developing solutions to complex business problems.

Contact Marketing Gunslingers at EQ Consultants Group for your Marketing and Community Outreach Needs!

Additionally, we are available as speakers and instructors.  We have given large conference seminars and several small and private classes regarding marketing, social business, social media, product marketing, and community outreach.  

Lastly, we are a City of Austin Certified Woman Minority Owned Business (WBE, MBE and DBE) consulting firm based in Austin and look forward to meeting you soon!

Your Chief Marketing Gunslinger,

Elizabeth Quintanilla


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