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Happy Thanksgiving!


All of us at EQ Consultants Group wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Elizabeth Quintanilla, Austin Marketing Gunslinger, wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

We wanted to give a special thanks to all

Happy Halloween! Tribute to all those scary movies, frightening monsters, funny costumes, Jack and more!

Marketing is about the experience and Halloween is how individuals, families, and neighborhoods create a memorable experience!  Sometimes all day long .. Would you treat yourself to a ghostly treat?

Marketing Gunslinger: Would you experience a ghostly lunch?

Remembering 9-11: Freedom is not just a word and always remember!

 Just wanted to place a quick post remembering 9-11:

Always Remember:

Remembering 9-11 via Elizabeth Quintanilla - Austin Marketing Gunslinger

Freedom is not just a word:

Elizabeth Quintanilla, Austin's Marketing Gunslinger - Freedom

Recharge, MacBooks, and Mini-Staycations while evaluating your Daily Worth!

All the Marketing Gunslingers at EQ Consultants Group have been heavily engaged in several contracts for the past 10.5 months and gave our customers more attention than our blog readers.  Chief Marketing Gunslinger, Elizabeth Quintanilla, has not had the focused time to write quality posts that she prefers to write and share with the "World Wide Web".  Part of the reason .. well her MacBook decided it needed a spa treatment at the Genius Bar for a week.  Her beloved MacBook told Elizabeth to slow down and re-charge for "Back-To-School" season.

Never Underestimate, Embrace Opportunity, and repost of Seth Godin Wisdom.

Peers, friends, and mentors surround us. One of my mentors is Jim Woolley, my SCORE mentor and friend. I started my marketing consulting practice in 2009 and my business shifted for the better when I incorporated his advice.

Wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July!

If you are in the United States, today is a very important holiday.  While we may be grilling burgers or franks, we are also celebrating our independence day and want to wish all my readers a Happy July 4th!

A Great Teacher is someone who makes ... and repost of @jer979 post: "How Online Shapes Offline Impressions"

It's been a little while since I've written a post on the Marketing Gunslinger blog.  There are two quotes that I want to share today ..

Everyday is a school day .. we're always learning ~Triplet at Pisces Dive Club

A Great Teacher is Someone Who Makes Goodness Attractive! - John Trimble

Infographic: Content Marketing - we are all Marketers now .. and smart business has always been in content marketing!

We all have heard the term "Content Marketing". Is this a new thing? My opinion is that we are all marketers and at the same time all content marketers.  In fact, I would say that smart business has always been in Content Marketing .. 

What are some types of Content Marketing?

INFOGRAPHIC: Do you know how marketing executives are adapting to Online Marketing Tools?

Do you have to sell to the C-suite?  Can you frame your conversations to the way an executive team can understand?  Do you know how marketing executives are adapting to Online Marketing Tools?  This infographic from Marketo can help frame your discussions:  

To all biz using Facebook - Remember 3/30 [INFOGRAPHIC]

EFFECTIVE 3/30 - Facebook will be changing all Fan Pages to the new TIMELINE format.  Be prepared!  While preparing for today's RISE presentation at ProductCamp, I was going through some of my old browser tabs and ran across this infographic via Marketo:

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