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Had to share the science of how to get ReTweets on #twitter & not Just because #Hubspot @danzarrella is one smart guy!

I really enjoy watching/learning from smart people... one of them is Hubspot's Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarrella.  He has an upcoming social media webinar that I'm sure will be worth my time and learn a nugget or 2.   For more data, statistics and social media science, don’t forget to register for his Science of Social Media webinar.

This infographic caught my attention and thought I would share:  

Sometimes you just have to promote another's blog post for good #WOM juju .. especially when it catches your eyes cc: lazomario

Sometimes we run across an interesting blog that we just have to share .. It is just that good and captures your eyeballs over and over again.  This time - I'm passing some good "Word of Mouth" Marketing juju to @lazomario.  I really enjoyed his "Uneven Chopsticks" blog post!  Remember: "Allow for some discovery and you might find yourself a partner, one who you won over through a smile."

In world of #socbiz, Words and Comics are sometimes worth 1000+ Words .. #marketing #prodmgmt #agile #scrum

Worried that your communication skills are not up to snuff in a business setting?  Have you ever wanted the uncanny power of persuasion?  In this world of #Agile, we are working hard to incorporate "standard business processes" into our departments and project plans.  This comic was passed onto me by a close friend and thought there would be many who would enjoy the humor behind "earned value management" and "action items" to appreciate the talent of this comic .. Adventures of Action Item! 

In the world of #socbiz, we need to remember a little #socialgood - as inspired by #starbucks & @sandersays

All of us get in a rut about this time of the year .. I did and took a much needed blogger holiday to feel refreshed.  With summer in Austin, TX - it is way to easy to compare yourself to others.  For example, I wish I had that "fill in the blank" and the summer would be so much more awesome, especially on "insert your favorite summer hangout spot" here.  We sometimes forget that we have more than enough and more than others.   Currently, I'm reading @sandersays latest book.

Benefit for Daniel Curtis, Wednesday, July 13th - Chef from @MeetatTexas - Hope to see you there!

There are a few really .. a lot of really good places to eat in in Austin, Texas.  One of my newest and favorites is the Carillon Restaurant at the AT&T Conference Center. It as amazing how many times that I've eaten the hard labor of the chefs and kitchen because of various events at the AT&T Center without visiting the Carillion.  It is the labor of these dedicated AT&T Center staff that just enhance the ProductCamp Austin and TeXchange experience.

Still on Blogger Summer Vacation .. but had to share Seth Godin Post with everyone ..

One email that I read daily is the daily blog email update from Seth Godin .. he's good .. really good.  

Today's post rings so true that I have to share it word for word with all of you ..

Time for a workflow audit

Really enjoyed teaching at @EGBIofAustin #BizSteps group - they learned a lot about #socialmedia & #socbiz! Plus pics & slides!

One of the things that I really enjoy is sharing my knowledge and teaching!  @EGBIofAustin ( is a wonderful business incubator that I am proud to be a volunteer trainer in their #BizSteps program.  This program is an incupator for startup primarily lifestyle businesses.  Some of the businesses in the class tonight included a bakery, a psychic, a custom car restoration biz, and a couple of other fun ones!

Here are two pics of tonight's class taken with my webcam:

Zombies, #ContentMarketing, #Brand Personality and #Marketing Gunslinger Tip on Being Creative .. cc: @JuntaJoe @Womma

If you are a horror movie fan like me, you have watched your fair share of zombie movies and try to keep up with the latest zombie "news you can use".  The Center of Disease Control (CDC) recently posted a blog on how to be prepared from a zombie attack.  Here is a quick peek at the post: 

Enjoyed speaking today, sharing my smile, and providing a little hope and inspiration! Have you made someone smile today?

Have you made someone smile today?  It is a great way to boost someone's self confidence, provide both hope and inspiration, and just make someone else feel good.  We used to smile all the time, especially as babies ...

Elizabeth Quintanilla, Marketing Gunslinger Tip: SMILE!!

So why does when Life gives us Lemons - we forget to make Lemonade and smile!

Mars Rovers, #socialmedia & thinking about #marketing, create content that appeals .. cc: @nasajpl @womma @MarsCuriosity

Remember your audience .. It is not just about YouTube but create your content for your audiences!

We all know that Social Media Marketing is more than Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter!  It should be how each piece of content (or customer touchpoint) can resonate with your audience and get them to willingly share with their friends about your product or service.  

For example, I love learning from @womma and here is the nugget that I learned from one of their members today: 

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