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In #Marketing, it is all about the words that is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug ...

In #Marketing, it is all about the words that is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug ... a friend shared this video with me and I thought I would share it with everyone. Remember, positioning is a critical concept in marketing!

Change Your Words

Change Your World


Enjoyed teaching at EGBI (@EGBIofAustin) last night - my thoughts and presentation slides of #SocialMedia and E-Commerce!

My friends know that I really enjoy training/teaching small business owners enough so they feel confident about what they need to do regarding social media and business (#socbiz). I was honored to be re-invited to teach the Entrepreneurs in EGBI's Biz Step program. This is a great program for Austin entrepreneurs in general and especially those focused on developing a life style business.

My Social Business (#socbiz) slides and tweets from last night's Refresh Austin (@RefreshAustin) Prezo - Enjoy!

 I really enjoyed giving my updated social business presentation last night to the Refresh Austin group.  It was a lot of fun and had a blast delivering why this topic is important to a group of primarily mobile and web application developers.  They had a lot of fun and here are a few tweets from last night's presentation.  

@joemccann: NOT a shortage of job opps available at #refreshaustin. Recession?

@jacquelineslife: At @refreshaustin filling my brain and belly with goodness. :) 

SUPER Excited to be presenting my views of #socbiz at tomorrow's Refresh Austin! Hope to see you there.

As many of you know, I really enjoy giving public presentations on a variety of subjects ranging from marketing, social media, to my personal journey about personal health and wellness.  (For those who are reading my blog for the first time, I have so far lost 70 lbs and recovered from Lyme Disease.)  

So I am pleased to share with all of you that I'm presenting my views of #socbiz at tomorrow's Refresh Austin.  

Business Plan Competitions, @TIEAustin, #tyeatx11 and @MeetatTexas - How I spent my Saturday afternoon..

 It is not your normal Saturday afternoon - I'm at @MeetatTexas where I was getting ready to support some local "students" during their business plan competition, #tyeatx11.  These were not your ordinary students but some really talented Austin middle school and high school students competing for their business plan.

Brands, Custom Cars, Hot Rods, @PGoplan, @Macromental and Lots of Cool Pics!

According to @PGoplan, his simple definition of a brand is: Brand is the premium you pay between two otherwise undifferentiated products. What is a car? Is it just 4 Wheels, at least a seat with a stearing wheel and an enclosure? The automobile industry has been having fun, creating, and Differentiating their offerings and brands. According to @Marcomental, the brand needs to “"Differentiate or Die!" This is not just limited to the cars themselves. In the hot rod culture, even accessories need to be differentiated so that a Hot Rod can truly be a custom car.

Announcing that I am stepping down as Co-Chair of the Social Media Ambassador Program at the GAHCC

I am sad to share with all my blog readers that I am stepping down as Co-Chair of the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber (GAHCC) Social Media Ambassador program leaving Ricardo, THE Social Media DYNAMO, as your Chair. Also, I am very happy about this change since this will give me more time to focus on my current clients.

Time, ROI, Seth Godin, @mnthomas and common sense ... introducing ROIOT

Sometimes a certain word pops in front of you all day long.  That word today is "Time".

In today's Seth Godin post, he wrote: Instead, it can become, "I don't want to do that because it's not worth the time/resources."

This also captured my attention today ..

Leveraging LinkedIn and website updates ..

Public speaking is among the many activities in the Marketing Gunslinger's survival pack.  In the past year, Elizabeth Quintanilla has given over 14 presentations to local groups and organizations.  These speaking engagements have varied as a sole instructor for private classes on social media and marketing, as emcee to very well attended forums, and as a speaker to over 150 job seekers.   Visit our newly created speaker's page and let us know what you think.

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