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My Social Business (#socbiz) slides and tweets from last night's Refresh Austin (@RefreshAustin) Prezo - Enjoy!

 I really enjoyed giving my updated social business presentation last night to the Refresh Austin group.  It was a lot of fun and had a blast delivering why this topic is important to a group of primarily mobile and web application developers.  They had a lot of fun and here are a few tweets from last night's presentation.  

@joemccann: NOT a shortage of job opps available at #refreshaustin. Recession?

@jacquelineslife: At @refreshaustin filling my brain and belly with goodness. :) 

EdIreson: I'm @refreshaustin and we at @MutualMobile are looking for a great web developer and UX designers to join our team.

@robertdoyal: Social biz w/ @equintanilla and mobile app stuff. Seemed like good reasons to make it here. :)

@CindyRoyal: It's @equintanilla #refresh @ April Refresh Austin Meeting #photo 

@chriscognito: @equintanilla You did great! As a veteran Refresh speaker this is one of the tougher groups you'll ever speak to.

@davatron5000: Getting stoked. About to go hear @sugarfreejones talk about Sencha, jQuery Mobile & Phonegap at #refreshaustin.

@getify: #refreshaustin @sugarfreejones talking now about cross-device mobile web app dev. awesome. 

@sheilas: "The JQuery themes have really descriptive names, like A & B." #DevHumor #RefreshAustin

@GeoffLiving: RT @SheilaS: Talking mobile apps at #RefreshAustin - "Good iOS developers are booked out FOREVER right now." Huge demand.

@joemccann: Comprehensive Sencha Touch and Phonegap article. #refreshaustin

@TrendsAustin: #refreshaustin is now trending in #Austin

@stedman: Fantastic presentation by @sugarfreejones on mobile web apps at tonight's #refreshaustin! Interest piqued. Must dig deeper tomorrow.

@jdhancock: @equintanilla Tonight was my first ever @refreshaustin, so your presentation was my initial impression of the group. You made it a good one! 

Also, here are my presentation slides:

Your Chief Marketing Gunslinger,

Elizabeth Quintanilla


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