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Enjoyed teaching at EGBI (@EGBIofAustin) last night - my thoughts and presentation slides of #SocialMedia and E-Commerce!

My friends know that I really enjoy training/teaching small business owners enough so they feel confident about what they need to do regarding social media and business (#socbiz). I was honored to be re-invited to teach the Entrepreneurs in EGBI's Biz Step program. This is a great program for Austin entrepreneurs in general and especially those focused on developing a life style business.

There were 7 young business in the class. They were very varied from 3 different types of business service providers, to a woman seeking to open a dance studio, 2 online stores (New Orleans Art and Theo's Thrify Online Thriftstore), to a brand new Caribbean/Mexican Margaritas restaurant concept (YUM!).

Here are my slides from last night's class and presentation:

Your Chief Marketing Gunslinger,

Elizabeth Quintanilla


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