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Advocacy and your community ... who do you advocate for?

Advocacy is a critical overlooked word in our daily lives.  Every day there are normal people who  advocate on issues that impact the communities that we participate in. This important noun originated with our (great)^7 grandparents approximately in the 15th century.  Whether those communities are physical (brick and mortar) spaces or active online communities, we all benefit from people who contribute meaniful time to make our lives richer and better.   Seth Godin talks about tribes - notice the adovactes in your tribe.

Advocacy: (noun) - the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal : the act or process of advocating something She is known for her advocacy of clean air. [=she is known for advocating/supporting clean air]

Whether in community outreach or in marketing, you are advocating to support a cause, policy, product, or service.  Let's go out there and be kick a** advocates!

Now, here is a message from my favorite advocate: "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile"  ~Albert Einstein


- So fan your favorite product, service, policy, or movement.

Your Chief Marketing Gunslinger,

Elizabeth Quintanilla


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