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Marketing Gunslingers

EQ speaks .. about Marketing Gunslinging and other topics to groups!

EQ Consultants Group, LLC welcomes you to our speaker's page.  As Business Detectives and Marketing Gunslingers focusing on the customer perspective,  we speak on a variety of topics ranging from business, technology, social media, and community outreach.  Additionally, we are available as speakers and instructors.  

We have given large conference seminars and several small and private classes regarding marketing, social business, social media, product marketing, and community outreach. 

Here is a 30 minute video of Elizabeth Quintanilla, our Chief Marketing Gunslinger, talking about leveraging LinkedIn to a group of 150 job seekers.  


Using LinkedIn at Austin's Career Connects Conference with Elizabeth Quintanilla from Elizabeth Quintanilla on Vimeo.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

April Tuesday Tech Talk: Facebook for Business - how all the changes affect my business?

EGBI - Course Instructor

Past Speaking Engagements:

RISE 2010

Austin Career Connects

ProductCamp - Austin

Tuesday Tech Talks with the GAHCC

GAHCC Tri-County Summit

Capital of Texas Awards - GAHCC

RISE 2009


and more ...



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