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Latest slides from Tuesday's speaking engagement - combining Guerilla Thinking to Drive #innovation especially in #marketing!

I really enjoy presenting, teaching, sharing my knowledge with others .. that was my primary driver to create my own consulting group and practice.  The joy of watching my audience/students "get it" is one of the reasons that I give so many presentations.  Earlier this week, I had the pleasure to present to mid-level managers at their off-site leadership conference.  In my humble opinion, Gemalto has a very talented group of international leaders and very honored that I was able to share my ideas with them.

Elizabeth Quintanilla - Chief Marketing Gunslinger - shares her thoughts of innovation and marketing to middle management at Gemalto!

Here is my session description:  “Leveraging Intrapreneurs: Use Guerilla thinking to drive innovation!” Your business has both capital, and resources – yet you still need to drive more innovation. How? The successful business unit understands what customers want and find solutions that satisfy the needs of both the business and their customers. To succeed, your product must be innovative in some way that fills a relatively unfilled need, and not be a "cookie-cutter" product. These met market needs are the innovations and ideas that are the experiences and products we couldn’t imagine living without. With global R&D costs rising, spending more isn’t the answer and neither is teaching innovators to run faster on the same treadmill. To successfully drive innovation, business leaders are leveraging the teams to become more intrapreneurial. Fast-paced and highly interactive, you’ll walk away from Elizabeth’s session understanding the 4 marketing conditions to determine success with approaches that can be applied to drive innovation. You will also: • Understand the power of working collaboratively with your team and customers • Learn to reframe challenges by approaching them from a different angle • Focus on your energizers (your detractors will take care of themselves) Discover quick and cost-effective ways to make new technology ideas tangible, the criteria for marketability, and the corresponding guerrilla tactics that will enable you to succeed with your innovations.

For those interested in my slidedeck:

Your Chief Marketing Gunslinger,

Elizabeth Quintanilla


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