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Really enjoyed teaching at @EGBIofAustin #BizSteps group - they learned a lot about #socialmedia & #socbiz! Plus pics & slides!

One of the things that I really enjoy is sharing my knowledge and teaching!  @EGBIofAustin ( is a wonderful business incubator that I am proud to be a volunteer trainer in their #BizSteps program.  This program is an incupator for startup primarily lifestyle businesses.  Some of the businesses in the class tonight included a bakery, a psychic, a custom car restoration biz, and a couple of other fun ones!

Here are two pics of tonight's class taken with my webcam:



I also realized 3 things .. 1) (to keep a class engaged) use the words zombies and poop (a lot) to make them laugh, 2) very important to gain trust with your students to actively use in class how my knowledge can help their business, and 3) I really need to update my slides since Facebook has made a lot of changes.  Here are the slides that I used for my prezo tonight:

Look forward to teaching at EGBI's BizSteps group again soon (with updated slides),

Your Chief Marketing Gunslinger,

Elizabeth Quintanilla


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EGBI Class Last Night

Best session so far.... and they have all been great. Thanks EQ for being so faithful.
Al Lopez @

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