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Time, ROI, Seth Godin, @mnthomas and common sense ... introducing ROIOT

Sometimes a certain word pops in front of you all day long.  That word today is "Time".

In today's Seth Godin post, he wrote: Instead, it can become, "I don't want to do that because it's not worth the time/resources."

This also captured my attention today ..

From Time

As people, we should all know the ROI of how we spend our time especially via social media.  Whether it is a financial, emotional, or generate goodwill return - do you know if you are investing your time wisely?  I'm going to start evaluating my ROIOT (Return on Investment of Time).  Are you?

Also, a good peep will be giving a presentation locally on how to Regain Your Time in this social media connected world.  Look for Maura Thomas upcoming presentation: Control the Constant Chatter - "Are you bombarded with mental chatter, cataloguing ideas, nagging you to "remember this, don't forget that"...mentally running down your to-do list all day, keeping your brain spinning, even when you're trying to sleep?  Many people do.  This scatters your focus, increases your stress and results in mistakes and things falling through the cracks..."

Your Chief Marketing Gunslinger,

Elizabeth Quintanilla


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It is almost impossible to find blogs that contain such consistently readable and interesting content as is on offer on yours, you deserve the time it will take to express my admiration of your work. Thank you.

Business Marketing

Useful info. Hope to see more good posts in the future

Business Marketing

Business Marketing

Useful info. Hope to see more good posts in the future

Business Marketing

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