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who recommends eq?

We are very grateful to all the companies and individuals who have recommended and referred us to others. We truly appreciate you! Here are a few of the individuals that recommend our Chief Marketing Gunslinger, Elizabeth Quintanilla:

As a speaker:

“I first witnessed Elizabeth's social media expertise at a Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber class. She commanded the group and was able to convey knowledge while staying personally relevant and engaging. She was perfect for my CareerConnects event, where she shared her Linkedin skills, just a fraction of her marketing and technology background, with networking-focused Austinites. She's prepared, genuine and she cares about her audience.” Bryan Chaney

As a marketer:

“Elizabeth is a powerful relationship builder who understands that the best organizations are built on a strong foundation of trust and open communications. As ProductCamp Austin's leader for Sponsors, Elizabeth set new records for number of sponsors, dollars raised, and repeat sponsorship - resulting in what is widely regarded as the most successful ProductCamp organization in the world. In addition, Elizabeth serves as a tireless evangelist for ProductCamp, and her interconnectedness in the Austin and Central Texas communities created inroads and awareness for our group that we otherwise would not have had. I would highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is looking for relationship marketing and strategic skills.” Paul Young

“Elizabeth is extremely bright and excellent at communicating technical issues to clients with little or no technical knowledge. As a consultant, she conducted training sessions and developed training documents for testing and bug-tracking for a smartcard development project. It was a real pleasure to work with her.” - Scott M. Lewis, MBA, PMP

“Elizabeth is a very dynamic and innovative social marketer with an unrelenting drive to get things done. She can easily juggle 10 tasks at once and amazingly keeps them all straight and doesn't drop a single one. Just fantastic!” George Stevens

“Elizabeth represents the greatest levels of integrity and capability. I have known her for several years and have utilized her council whenever I can. Elizabeth is one of the most amazing people I have met in my life, with such high energy, drive, and a deep understanding of markets and media. She has wisdom well beyond her years. The thing I respect the most is her integrity and incredible heart to make a difference. She is world-class at understanding and developing product strategies. I recommend her highly to everyone in my network. Elizabeth has earned my greatest respect.” David Smith

As a Social Media Marketing Strategist:

“Elizabeth is a go-getter! It was an honor to serve with her in the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Social Media Ambassador program. As a volunteer for the Hispanic Chamber, Elizabeth basically put them on the social media map! She was one of the founders of the program, engaged other social media enthusiasts to advocate for the chamber and grew their network. She built their capacity to leverage social media including recruiting new members, training staff and was instrumental in developing the program, Tuesday Tech Talk. If you're looking for a marketing and social media connector, look no further than Elizabeth Quintanilla.” Mando Rayo

“Elizabeth is extremely bright and grasps concepts very quickly. Her work ethic and follow through are exceptional and would be an asset to any organization of which she is a part.” - Andy Martinez, from the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GAHCC).  Here is a letter from the GAHCC written by Andy:

Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GAHCC) recommends our Chief Marketing Gunslinger, Elizabeth Quintanilla

Visit Elizabeth Quintanilla’s LinkedIn profile to see all of her recommendations!

All the Marketing Gunslingers and Business Detectives,

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